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Ahead hunters is a firm focused on relationships, excellence and growth. These are our values.


Recruitment Perspective

At AHI we believe that it is our role to know the market, who is in the  market and to then have specific conversations to inquire if the people in that specific market are open to the opportunities and the culture that our clients have to offer. We work diligently to meet with the best in the industry before the need of a client is ever identified. At AHI we focus on the Real Estate Market, we work with companies that are involved with real estate at different stages of a real estate asset. From brown dirt land developers, both commercial and residential to on site construction, to commercial, retail and industrial  property management we have interest in it all. Many firms focus on one skill within multiple industries. Our approach is simple, focus on the people of the real estate industry. Why? Simply because we love real estate, and the people who make it happen! 


It's about who we know and how well we know them.

The market of any given city is fluid, it's about knowledge of the people in a market, but more specifically it's about relationships with people. This is why our first value is relationships, we value the trust we build with our clients. We understand that with trust truth is reveled, and with truth we can identify the deep motivations that are the motivating factors in people making decisions. Once we reach this level of a relationship, then we are able to help. It's been quoted by our founder, Greg Todesco, " that if you don't know what you want it's hard for me to help you." That is not to say we cannot help you, rather we start our process -  the first step is discovering what it is you want (the thinking part), often revolving around identifying values, needs and desires; then we put together a plan to help achieve what you want.


Recruitment is an alignment of fit and skill

We believe that recruitment is about understanding, a strong understanding of the alignment between fit and skill. 

To understand where someone is coming from, what their perspective is we need to listen, and to listen with what we call "more than ears" - listen to what is said, but also what is not; to what is displayed, and also what is not. 

The fit is all so often overlooked simply because this "fit" involves criteria which are hard to quantify. We call this hard to quantify criteria the ABC's - Attitude, Behavior and Character. Each company has these ABC's, each person has ABC's, and through our listening with "more than ears" approach we focus on these ABC's to full comprehend which opportunities, and people, we believe will be that fit. 

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